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Directions: Please respond to the survey below. The sole purpose of this survey is to provide the feedback that will better assist school librarian in meeting the needs of the school and District. All responses are completely anonymous.   


  •     All school rules apply in the library
  •     No food, gum, candy, or drinks in the library
  •     Work quietly at all times.


  •     1st incident – correction requested
  •     2nd incident – warning given
  •     3rd incident – referral to office

Library Procedures
Entering the library

  •         Enter quietly
  •         You must sign-in if you are visiting the library without a teacher
  •         Bring proper and necessary materials; be sure to have a pencil

Exiting the library

  •         Clear the tables of all materials..
  •         Wait to be dismissed..
  •         Push in chairs at your table.


•  Three items at a time.

•  Three week loan period.

•  You may renew an item once.

•  The person behind the desk will assist you if you need help.

•  Date due cards are placed in items.

•  Magazines – 5 da y checkout; no renewals.

•  Reference materials – see library staff

YOU are responsible for any item that you check out from the library.



•  Return item by the due date

•  Drop item in the return slot at the circulation desk



  •     Overdues - $0.10 per day, per item, up to $5.00 maximum
  •     Lost Date Due Card - $0.50
  •     Lost Item - Cost of Replacing it

If you have an overdue item…

1. You will be told verbally about it when you visit the library.

2. Overdue notices will be sent to Language Arts teachers each month.

3.  Letters will be mailed home for excessive overdues/fines.

 Computer Use in the Library

  •     Computers are to be used for educational purposes only (county Acceptable Use Policy [AUP] applies).
  •      In order to take an AR test, you MUST have an AR PASSBOOK completely filled out by you and initialed by your teacher in order to use computers for these purposes! NO EXCEPTIONS.
  •      In order to use the internet in the library, you MUST have an INTERNET PASSBOOK completely filled out by you and initialed by your teacher. One student per pass … NO EXCEPTIONS!
  •      A librarian will assign students to a computer for AR or internet use.
  •      You may print only if you have permission to do so
  •     You may change the program that you are working on with permission only.

 Emergency Procedures

 In any emergency situation, remain quiet and follow our instructions!